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ImageAMMO™'s technological offerings are available through our partnership with MobileMOMENT for Large Scale deployments and Corporate services. MobileMOMENT allows brands to connect with consumers by using the art of immediate gratification. The Wrapper technology serves as a bridge from brick and mortar and offers a glimpse into the future of retail and e-commerce. The ImageAMMO™ software gives brand marketers a full-fledged promotional platform and a simple way to integrate every significant marketing asset (such as social, traditional, and mobile) for continuous campaign optimization and increased sales.

Case Studies

To see MobileMOMENT and ImageAMMO™ in action, visit the MobileMOMENT Case Studies for live previews and experiences.

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For more information or to make an inquiry regarding MobileMOMENT, please visit the contact form at


ImageAMMO™ is an interactive digital display engine designed for the purpose of displaying digital media within a 3D space. The content (images, music, video, audio, and more) are displayed in any number of 3D shapes with or without multiple layers of motion. The 3D display can be further controlled and manipulated by the user to create their own personalized experience live. The dynamic nature of both the management of the content and the display itself means that rapid deployment of deeply compelling experiences is possible with very little experience or cost.

The Wrapper

ImageAMMO™ uses packaging system called a Wrapper to present content. The content offered in the Wrapper stimulates viewers interest and entices them to touch an item, which in turn takes them to additional product information via website, video, social media, and more.


The ImageAMMO™ experience can be embedded in any web page. Should you want a deeper integration in a new or existing web site or service it can be accomplished with as little as 2 lines of code. Additionally the content is still managed through the ImageAMMO™ back end, allowing the content managers to work completely independently of the web designers and system admins, speeding up deployment and keeping you in charge.

Small Business

With ImageAMMO™ technology, Your Mobile Moment allows users to create awesome mobile-first websites that requires no technical or design experience. Websites produced look amazing on any device or browser, from iPhones and Android all the way to Desktop computers. This means that you can deploy once and it will work natively on all platforms. Your content can be updated at any time and changes are deployed instantly allowing you to keep on top of your message and in touch with your customers.

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If you are interested in taking advantage of ImageAMMO™ technology for your small business, please visit for details.

Next-Gen Technology

ImageAMMO™ is also deeply involved with cutting edge technologies with investments in future development in VR, as well as mobile outreach solutions through Lighthouse Scanner, leveraging beacons, QR Codes and more.

Native Apps

You can experience our platform engine natively on mobile through our Technology Apps.

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